Baja Phish Taco 2.0


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Baja Phish Taco 2.0

About the Food

This dish consists of fried vegan phish made from banana blossom and is served with cabbage, lime, chipotle mayonnaise and seasonal pico de gallo. The cabbage ads a wonderful crunch and the seasonal pico de gallo adds a splash of freshness and colour. This is a classic dish done right.

History Of the Dish

Fish tacos as we know them today emerged in the 1950s, it is still debated though on its exact origins, it is said to belong to either the Baja city of Ensenada or San Felipe. Both cities claim to be the home of the famous fish taco. Either way the fish taco was made by vendors in the city streets as an inexpensive and fast meal to give out to workers and market goers.

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