Guide To Mexican Beer

IRVINE, CA - JUNE 14, 2015: Popular Mexican Beers. Pacifico, Sol, Corona, Bohemia and Modelo beer bottles on a wet table with reflections.

Mexicans have been brewing beer for centuries and doing so very successfully. Today, Mexico produces some of the world’s best and most loved beers. Some of their most noticed brands are seen in every liquor store across the U.S., Europe, and, of course, here in Australia. The history of brewing beer in Mexico is a rich one, from the Mesoamerican period to the Spanish imposed taxes, to… Continue reading Guide To Mexican Beer

What’s the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal

If you try to keep up with craft cocktails, it can seem like there’s always a new spirit you need to learn about. In the past decade or so, you’ve likely heard more and more about mezcal as its popularity has taken off. But, what do you know about it, beyond the fact that it’s ‘smoky?’ Plus, what about tequila? Aren’t they made from the same stuff? These are fair questions, and if… Continue reading What’s the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal

Mexican vs Tex Mex

Homemade chicken enchiladas in cast iron frying pan.

What is Tex Mex? Tex Mex is a term that comes from the words Texan and Mexican and is a blend of Mexican, American, and Spanish cuisine. Many people, however, confuse Tex Mex with traditional Mexican food due to the former’s popularity within American popular culture. Most well-known restaurants that claim to offer Mexican cuisine… Continue reading Mexican vs Tex Mex