100% Plant Based Mexican Experience

Next event Saturday 14th April - SOLD OUT

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Welcome to Don Taco

Welcome to Melbournes first and only plant-based Mexican restaurant, we are excited to bring the taste of Mexico to Melbourne and it’s totally vegan.  Come join us at our next event in Coburg on Saturday 14th April.

Inspired by the flavours found in many taquerias on the streets of Mexico City, Don Taco has crafted delicious recipes to surprise the people of Melbourne. Our food is prepared with fresh, plant sourced ingredients and will please everyone that is up for experiencing new flavours. No burritos and nachos, sorry!

At Don Taco we not only care about creating warm, tasty food; we are also very concerned about being cruelty free and responsible with the environment. Our passion for Mexican food is fussed with our desire of making the world a happier place for everyone, including animals!

The Don Taco project was born after Aaron and Ceci’s first trip to Mexico as vegans. Hungry for tacos and other Mexican delicacies, they ventured through some of the best vegan restaurants in the Capital Chilanga (Mexico City) and oh god! It was amazing. On their return to Australia, several kilos later, they tried to recreate the taste of the food they savoured back in Mexico, with the hope to able to share it with their friends in Australia.

Today Don Taco opens its doors to everyone, offering high quality food, a cosy atmosphere and lots of Mexican love!



Served in a corn tortilla. Soy protein marinated in chipotle in a corn tortilla with onion and coriander. A bit spicy, but no too much. Gluten Free

 All You Can Eat


Served in a corn tortilla. A mix of grilled chicken flavoured soy protein, capsicum and onions with a hint of lime and spices.

All You Can Eat

Beef schnitzel

Schnitzel prepared the Mexican way. Served in a corn tortilla with a serving of guacamole.

All You Can Eat

Chorizo & Potato

Served in a corn tortilla. Flavoursome spiced soy protein with potato chunks served in a corn tortilla. Gluten Free

All You Can Eat

Guacamole & Corn chips

Corn chips with a serving of guacamole. Gluten Free


Corn chips

Fried Corn Chips. Gluten Free



Crumbly candy made of crushed peanuts and sugar.

Pack of 3 for $4.00


Pu pastry cookie sprinkled with sugar.

Pack of 6 for $4.00

Hot Chocolate

Traditional Chocolate Abuelita. Rich and creamy with a hint of cinnamon.



Two Birds Golden

Golden ale. Toasted malt with stonefruit & citrus hops.

$6.00 Per Pot

Two Birds Taco

Hoppy ale. Hoppy zesty ale with fresh coriander, lime & corn

$6.00 Per Pot

Clericot De La Casa

Fruity and refreshing drink prepared with red wine, soda and fruit.

$7.00 per Glass

House Wine

Red or white wine.

$6.00 Per glass


Tequila based cocktail prepared with grapefruit soda and ice.


Piña Colada

Sweet cocktail made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. You will feel you’re in Cancún!


Non-alcoholic Drinks
House Made Kombucha




Guayaba (Guava)
Limon (Lime)
Mandarina (Mandarin)
Toronja (Grapefruit)


Don Taco Fiesta

What Is There
  • Plant Base Mexican Food

  • Live Music

  • Bar

  • Face Painting

  • Plus more


14th of April.

5pm until 11pm

What You Get

All You Can Eat Tacos + Event Entry

Tickets are Sold Out


Batman Royale

14-22 Gaffney St, Coburg VIC 3058

See Inside